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Time Management Tips for your Party

After months of investing much time and money for your party, you want to be sure you will enjoy it and take it all in! Depending on if you have a cocktail hour and a possible viennese hour, the 4 to 6 hours can really fly by. Even though the average party reception is 4 […]

Trimming Your Guest List To Stay On Budget

Your party is usually a celebration of close family and friends. So avoid inviting family or friends that have been missing in action or you haven’t spoke to in years. Trimming your guest list to stay on budget with people who are really not part of your life anymore. Work friends could inflate your party […]

Selecting a Party Venue

One of the first major decisions to once you start planning a party is choosing the venue. There are several factors to consider when selecting a party venue. After coming up with a guest list, select a venue that will comfortably accommodate the number of guests your are inviting. Select a venue that works within […]


With so many decisions, big & small, involved in planning an event/party steps can be taken to make it a smoother process. Steps like; creating a budget, coming up with a well thought out timeline, and being focused on details are key for a smooth progression of events leading up to the event. When organizing […]