Selecting a Party Venue

One of the first major decisions to once you start planning a party is choosing the venue. There are several factors to consider when selecting a party venue.
  • After coming up with a guest list, select a venue that will comfortably accommodate the number of guests your are inviting.
  • Select a venue that works within your budget based on the number of guests you’re having along with your preferred cuisine for your guests.
  • Choose a venue that fits your style and personality. Venues can range from palatial, with columns, high ceilings & marble floors to a quaint barn type woodsy type setting. Choose according to the vibe you’re looking to create.
  • The architecture when selecting a party venue will affect your choices of decor such as the type of centerpieces/flowers you will use to compliment your ballroom. Also possible ambient lighting/particular colors can be used to create a certain vibe or theme in your ballroom.
  • Certain venues have multiple ballrooms to accommodate several events which leads to commingling of guests in lobby & restroom areas. If you’re looking to have a private event select a venue that accommodates one affair at a time.