Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals


We offer a complete, professional outdoor cinema system with a large, state-of-the-art inflatable screen. This is perfect for family parties, presentations, instructional videos, or just extra fun.

We will provide all of the necessary equipment, set up, show, and takedown. At least one of our experienced film crew technicians will remain on-site throughout the movie. This will help ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible while you enjoy your outdoor movie screen rental!

Backyard outdoor movie screen rental

outdoor movie screen rental add on popcorn machine

ADD-ONS TO MAKE YOUR outdoor movie screen rental PERFECT!

We also have Popcorn Machines, Cotton Candy Machines, Food Trucks, and Outdoor Lounge Furniture available to make your night amazing!

Much more than a backyard movie!

Our screens can include instructional and educational DVDs perfect for, fundraisers, corporate, club, or department events.
Perhaps your own homemade films? Just hand us the DVD.

*Our system is also capable of connecting and displaying the internet, TV, PlayStation, and X-box.

Outdoor graduation ceremony with movie screens

Also Perfect for Graduation Ceremonies

Project your ceremony across the big screen so everyone in attendance can enjoy the festivities!

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