Trimming Your Guest List To Stay On Budget

Your party is usually a celebration of close family and friends. So avoid inviting family or friends that have been missing in action or you haven’t spoke to in years. Trimming your guest list to stay on budget with people who are really not part of your life anymore.

  • Work friends could inflate your party guest list by a couple of tables and if they are coworkers who you just have an occasional casual lunch with or share workspace with, you can just have a happy hour celebration with them after work one day instead of inviting them to the your party.
  • Shy away from sending reciprocating invites to people that invited you to their parties/events years ago unless you are still good friends with them.
  • Avoid inviting people with a track record of being unruly at previous parties or is always getting kicked out of clubs or bars. An unruly guest can put a damper or ruin the party of you’ve spent so much time planning and investing funds into.
  • Another way to trimming your guest list to stay on budget is make it an adult party only. Most couples/guests would welcome a night out away from the kids and everyday routine for a little bit where they can just kick up and enjoy.
  • Avoid giving your plus ones to guests who are not in a relationship. Especially if the plus one is going to be someone you’ve never met before. This avoids the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time at your party.
  • Draw the line or give limitations on friends invited by your parents and in-laws, especially if you’ve never met them before.