Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Party

You spend a lot of time planning your party. So it’s only fitting that you want to actually enjoy it especially all the little moments. But stress can take over and keep you from enjoying the all the time and hard work you put in. So keep in mind the most important part of a party is the celebration of the life milestone or birthday you are celebrating.  If you don’t stay present, your party will go by in the blink of an eye without actually experiencing or enjoying it. Here are tips to help you enjoy your party.

Comfort is Key

Be sure to be comfortable from head to toe day of your party. If you’re not used to dress shoes or wearing heels, be sure to buy a comfortable pair of shoes and break them in before your party. The result is you are not distracted with aching feet and blisters. This also goes for your strapless bra or corsets for ladies and ties for men.

Vendors are Key

Hiring vendors that are reliable, experienced and talented is very important. That will remove so much of the worry about what’s happening behind the scenes during the week leading up to the party and the day itself. Make the investment of hiring a party or event planner. They will be handling all of the details and logistics your party. This will allow you to walk into the reception knowing that everything and everyone are in their place and ready to have a good time.

Getting a head start is Key

There is so much to do in the days leading up to your event. But rather than leave everything to the last minute, tackle them as early as possible. This way the stress of your last-minute projects doesn’t overwhelm you. Also, don’t let to do lists linger days before your party as well. Make sure such things as your programs, escort cards, welcome bags and DIY projects are done well before the week of your party. Setting the tone with a calm, restful week will put you in the right frame of mind. Now you will be mentally present on your special celebration.

Don’t forget to Eat

The day of your party can be a very long day. You don’t want to deal with a growling stomach.  Start your day with a good breakfast, and then take short breaks for snacks or light appetizers before you put on you get dressed and before you’re introduced into or announced at your ballroom.

Spend time with your significant other

You’ll probably have very little  time alone with your significant other if it’s an anniversary party or engagement party for example. Be sure to take a moment before the party for some alone quiet time. Go into a private area with your significant other to take in & cherish the special milestone you are about to celebrate. Let your planner and caterer know about your plans ahead of time so they can have such things as champagne, water, and a sampling of your hors d’oeuvres ready for you.

Ditch the Phone

Mute your phone or leave it in your purse, jacket pocket, or give it to a close friend or family member. Phone’s are a daily distraction, and it will be on the day of you party as well if you don’t put it away. You definitely don’t need something else pulling your attention away. You’ve possibly hired a professional photographer and will have family and friends snapping away  so you don’t need to take photos. Also, anyone you’d possibly be thinking of calling or texting will be there in person that day.