How to Host a Party at Your Home

There are many ways how to host a party at your home. A sense of familiarity, undeniable charm, and personal sentiments make for a day that’s original. Invite your guests into a space that holds some of your most cherished memories as a child, an adult or both. The uniqueness of a party with a home sweet home welcome mat. Since residences are rarely suited for events and large gatherings, private homes need considerable attention. Especially when it comes to finalizing logistics like lighting, parking, and additional rentals.

Depending on the size of your home and your guest list it’s important to consider factors like catering, landscape design, ceremony setup, and décor. For example, for larger homes built with a significant number of hosting rooms, the need for an outdoor tent might not be as necessary. But for a more intimate setting, the use of a backyard tent might be a good idea for added space. Finding the balance between wanting to highlight the unique features of your home and adapting the space to your unique personal preferences is something that needs to be planned out with all you vendors. Here are some tips for hosting your own successful private party at home.

Reserve Dressing Rooms

Eliminate the need for transportation by organizing all of your party prep as well as your close friends and family within rooms of your home. Just like any other location, it is so important that the getting ready area has ample lighting (natural is always best). Create a good space for the hair and makeup team to set up, mirrors, and access to outlets.

Utilize the Entire Property

Make sure to embrace all indoor and outdoor space and elements of your home. Create a flow throughout your home by hosting different events in a variety of different areas. Cocktails poolside, in a garden, or on a lawn is a great way to keep the flow of movement before transitioning guests to a tented space. Then invite guests inside your home into a large room or separate rooms for dinner or dancing. Ensure there is space for parking cars and possibly a valet.

Have a Weather Plan

Be flexible and ready for a plan B in case of rain or inclement weather. Depending on the formality of your party, choose a tent or tents that are as casual or refined as your day of style and décor.

Get Creative With the Uniqueness of Your Surroundings

Embracing the uniqueness of your home’s surroundings is a great way to make sure your party’s vision is unique & comes to life. Envision a cocktail  backdrop in the back or front yard by a custom groomed tree or by a vine filled wall or fence. Consider possibly a side wall of your home made of brick with a fireplace structure in a shaded area, just to name a few ideas.

Have a Strategy for the Catering

Caterers will stress the importance of bringing in the right equipment to put on a a top notch celebration in such an intimate setting.  From their perspective, working in someone’s home requires a few extra steps: checking for a water source, power source, and other lighting needs as well as bringing in all of the required equipment for cooking and serving your guests high quality, fresh, and delicious cuisine.

How to Host a Party at Your Home

Don’t Skimp on Entertainment Space

You want your guests to have a great time! So keep in mind the importance of a dance floor area when allocating space in your home, or on-site, for your reception. If space in your home is an issue set up a dance floor in a spacious outdoor tent. The result is a great way to ensure there’s plenty of space for dancing. Also space your DJ or band entertainment and their equipment. This area can also be a focal point for all your guests to witness your formalities such as your introduction, first dance, toast, etc.

Adapt the Space to Your Needs

Make it easy for your guests, and yourself, by adapting your space to fit all of your event’s hosting needs. Bring in power generators, restroom trailers, additional lounge seating, additional tenting, tables & chairs etc. The last thing you want to worry about is adding additional stress on your home and not being able to properly accommodate all your guests with seating, restrooms, and coverage for inclement weather.

Emphasize the Intimacy of Your at Home Party

A perk of having a party in your own home is the intimacy that comes with it. Your entertainment should most definitely highlight the intimacy and coordinate all other elements throughout your event to keep guests informed & engaged on formalities & special moments. From the table layout of your party to the personalization of your menu, each event is an opportunity to reflect the familiarity of your home venue.