Party Table Centerpiece Ideas

Decorating your party tables with the right centerpieces can be a time-consuming process. From floral arrangements to LED light bars, there are a multitude of different options which can become overwhelming. Below are some party table centerpiece ideas to help fit your party theme.


  • Traditional floral arrangements have been the most popular over the years. Keep your venues size and decor in mind as you select your floral centerpieces. Smaller centerpieces are for a more intimate party setting that is conducive to guest having conversations across the table. Tall arrangements work well in larger venues with high ceilings. Keep in mind what flowers are popular during certain seasons of the year as well as your wedding theme as you choose. Floral centerpieces can range from a rustic theme in a barn type setting for your party to a palatial type setting with big floral centerpieces placed atop tall decorative stands or tall lit glass vases. If you’re trying to stay within a budget, keep in mind the larger the floral centerpiece the higher the cost.


  • Other concepts to add to our party table centerpiece ideas to fit your personal style and taste is with candles. They will add a romantic glow to any ballroom. It is a great way to give your ballroom a sophisticated look while not breaking the budget. Candles come in many different sizes, shapes and colors to accommodate different themes and venue decor. Put them on candelabras for an old world statement, votives around a floral arrangement, or in tall clear hurricane vases for a bold sleek statement. Just keep in mind that some older or historic venues may have restrictions on candles.

Traditional Party Table Centerpiece Ideas

  • Greenery, garlands and loose leaves are a different and simple way to decorate your tables. Greenery really works well on long tables and give a lush look without breaking the bank. Small trees in planters can serve as a unique centerpiece. And here is a benefit, you can actually rent them instead of buying to help keep the cost down.
  • Hanging chandeliers are a great way to make a statement. Crystal chandeliers, floral chandeliers or lanterns are a unique centerpiece decor. A crystal chandelier works well in venues with castle, mansion, or château in the name. Lanterns work well in a tented venue or rustic venue. Floral chandeliers, in the shape of chandeliers but using flowers, can be rigged with a thin wire over tables and dance floor area giving the illusion of floating in air.
  • A small stack of your favorite hardcover books next to a simple vase. Add some flowers or candles on top and you have an intimate way to share your personal tastes with your guests.

Other Party Table Centerpiece Ideas

  • LED light bars, neon lights in custom shapes or LED lit boxes are other party table and centerpiece ideas. This approach will bring some color & energy to your ballroom. Name your tables in neon lights to classic movies or sports team name and color. Have LED light bars set to different colors at different parts of the night. They can even change colors and chase around the tables during dance sets, for instance. To compliment more traditional centerpieces try LED light bars and neon lights. LED lit boxes can elevate and highlight more traditional centerpieces.


  • Balloons are a cost effective centerpiece. They come in a variety of different colors, shapes, sizes, shapes and characters. Balloons can be used to compliment other type centerpieces as well. Using balloon arches can highlight and compliment dais/head table as well as main doorways.


  • Personalized custom centerpiece signs or figurines to sports teams. Also favorite movie and cartoon characters can be set up on stands or in the middle of more traditional centerpieces.